The Venue

The gallery show will be hosted at The Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA) in Manchester, NH.  SOPHA is New England’s largest photographic community and rental studio.  SOPHA offers area photographers a place to practice their art and business in their fully equipped 6,000 s.f. rental studio and also offers classes, events, and gallery shows.  SOPHA is the home studio of Kimberly Sarah Photography.

SOPHA is on the second floor of a converted bread factory.  They are located at 15 Merrill Street, Manchester, NH.

Parking is available on the streets surrounding the studio or, for this event only, special arrangements have been made with our neighbors to use their parking lots.

You can learn more about SOPHA and all they offer area photographers here.

wanderings bud kim venue SOPHA
Bud Thorpe (owner, SOPHA) and Kimberly Buccheri (Kimberly Sarah Photography) in Studio A at SOPHA just before the opening of their joint 2016 gallery Show “Wanderings”.