About Jewel

The beautiful dog featured in the cover image for this gallery show is Jewel.

Jewel RESCUED Gallery Show
Portrait of Jewel created by Kimberly Sarah Photography on December 21, 2016.

Jewel was selected for this role not because of her missing limb or because of her amazing personality and poise.  She was selected because she represents the will of her Rescuers that she be saved from a certain fate.

Her story is like so many that Canine Commitment hears.

In the late Summer of 2016 two women in a small town in Mississippi received a call about a stray dog that was in distress.  The caller told them that the animal had an amputated leg.

Those two women made it their mission to find that stray.  Looking all over town, they eventually found her – huddled under a porch in a rain storm, the dog came to her Rescuers without a fight.  Checking her over it became clear that this dog’s leg was not professionally amputated.

After seeking care for the dog they continued their mission to find out the story behind the dog they now called Jewel.  They found out that persons of low moral character, upon seeing that Jewel’s leg was injured took it upon themselves to amputate her leg – at home.  Jewel was left with a short section of leg that had a wound that did not heal properly.  With the care of a qualified veterinarian the remaining section of leg was removed to allow Jewel to properly heal.

She was fostered by one of her Rescuers until she was well enough to travel to New Hampshire.  She was successfully adopted by a loving family here in New Hampshire through the work of Canine Commitment of New England.  The portrait was created by Kimberly Sarah Photography on December 21, 2016.